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Read the agreement attached on this page, providing your full legal name, a clear copy of your photo ID, social security card, and a proof of address in the relevant fields.

Service Agreement
This agreement between you and EcoCredit LLC (“EcoCredit LLC” “We,” “Our,” “Ours”, or “The company”) is a legally binding agreement (the “Agreement”).

EcoCredit provides document preparation services to assist its clients who may be victims of identity theft or Victims with UNTRUE, INACCURATE, UNVERIFIED FCRA UNLAWFUL items on the report and desire to protect their credit file from identity theft and possibly fraud by facilitating removal of items customers claim are inaccurate, outdated, and possibly fraudulent information contained on their credit reports.

For our efforts to be effective, you must be truthful and diligent in giving complete and accurate information to us.

EcoCredit reserves the right to cancel this Agreement if we believe that you provided or may provide false or fraudulent information to us, your creditors or the credit bureaus.
Please note that we do not provide legal advice.
We recommend that you consult an attorney and/or thoroughly read the Fair Credit Reporting Act or the Bill of Rights before you seek advice from us. EcoCredit accepts no liability, nor responsibility for any damage or loss caused by your use or misuse of the information provided in connection with our service.
Disclaimer: By signing this Agreement, you acknowledge that there are inconsistencies, errors and items on your consumer credit reports that are unknown to you and permission was never requested or given to have your personal information provided to the public, sold for profit or not protected in what you feel is a proper way.
You may receive communications requesting additional information from the credit bureaus and individual creditors investigating a claim of fraud on one or more of your alleged credit accounts. This is something that may or may not be the policy of the bureau or creditors at any given time.

You should NOT respond to any such requests for additional information. All necessary information will have been provided to them by USPS as part of the services performed under this Agreement.

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